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See the big picture

SUPERHOG is powered by our intelligence grid, a network that reveals the millions of connections between properties, hosts and guests and surfaces unique insights

Get the full story behind every booking

Understanding the true nature and history of a propery or person means having access to up-to-date, relevant and accurate information. High customer expectations can only be met with fast and reliable insights.

Facebook maps personal connections, LinkedIn maps professional networks, SUPERHOG maps the complex short-term rental connections and relationships between properties, hosts, guests and companies.


Get a real-time view


Out-of-date information

Leads to out-of-date conclusions

SUPERHOG's proprietary AI engine and machine learning tools sit atop our data infrastructure and dynamically enrich it with new information in real-time. We call this continual authentication.

This ensures you have the latest and most relevant information at your fingertips, helping you reduce uncertainty and act with conviction.



See clear insights

The fragmentation of the short-term rentals sector is messy, complex and allows bad actors and properties to hide. Our tech stack is unique in being able to bring clarity to this disparate array of information.

We use state-of-the-art matching engines, powered by machine learning and cloud technology, to reconcile billions of fragmented data points and extract valuable insights. Giving you clarity and confidence.



Say goodbye to fake reviews

Relying on just reviews or gut feel to make decisions increases risk and exposure.

Our intelligence grid removes the restrictions that come with this old school approach. More than that, you can easily automate and sync your STR accounts to save you time and hassle.

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?