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10 Things that will make your work space more bearable

Posted by admin on May 15, 2020 · Uncategorized

1. Mini stress toys, to take out your frustrations from the day on an inanimate object, rather than Jenny from HR.

Cute Things For Your Desk

Warning: You might become obsessed with these and they may become a distraction because they’re too darn cute!

2. This Unicorn tape dispenser is so extra, but let’s be honest Brenda, so are you…

Cool Desk Ideas

This majestic creature comes with two rolls of rainbow tape. Now you’ll know who’s been stealing your tape…. Comes with pens too!

3. Ok now I’m Otterly obsessed with tape dispensers…

Cool Office Desk Ideas

I mean look at it? Did you know Otters have a pocket for their favourite rock?!

4. Dog cord keepers

Cool Work Desk Ideas

Cables are really annoying and easy to lose. Keep them tidy and under control with these tongue ties.

5. Woodland creature pencils

Work From Home Office Desk

Bring your furry friends indoors!

6. This amazing Panda mug

working from home desk solutions

Like the Otters pocket, but for biscuits instead of rocks!

7. Love cats? This little fella will help you out!

working from home desk setup

Perfect for holding your headphones! Don’t worry they won’t run off with them either…

8. Sticky notes that will probably become your best friend (not speaking from experience)

working from home

They’ll listen to your problems.

9. Another one for the cat lovers out there

working from home UK

Good kitty.

10. This mini USB hub is a lifesaver

USB hub

You can thank me later!