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How it works

Guest Benefits

£500 damage deposit

Total booking protection

Fraud prevention

Host Benefits

£1m damage protection

Increase trust with guests

Risk management tools

Business Benefits

Reduce risk

Increase revenue

Improve efficiencies

Every booking between SUPERHOGS is protected by a FREE damage deposit and our £1M guarantee

Real time information on properties, hosts, and guests.

If traditional review systems are a map, then SUPERHOG is GPS navigation. SUPERHOG is here to make short-term rentals 100% safe for everyone, removing any risks of the unknown.

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Know more

See risks others don't. Get true clarity on properties, hosts and guests before a booking begins.

Stand out

Transform how you're viewed in the short term rental community.

Be confident

Take more bookings and get your booking requests accepted quicker.

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How it works

Loved by

One of our biggest challenges has been …. SUPERHOG helps property owners have the confidence to hand their properties over to us as they know all our guests have been checked. Paul Beard - Alltracks
I’ve had the horrid experience of guests using fake profiles to book our property – and turning up en masse for a party in our house. Being able to verify my guests identities through SUPERHOG has given me the peace of mind to continue sharing through Airbnb. Hatty B - Airbnb Superhost

SUPERHOG guarantees both hosts and guests are, and will be, classy.

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Lack of trust

Trusting a stranger Is the #1 concerns about using Airbnb and other short term rental platform. SUPERHOG solves this by financially backing each member and showing their full home-sharing history.

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Review bias

64% of hosts leave no review rather than give a bad review. SUPERHOG identifies the review gap across all short term rental platforms.

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1 in 10 guests have had a bad experience when booking a property. These issues range from booking a property which doesn’t exist, through to misrepresentation

Make sure you have all the facts about the person you are about to share with. Join today for your first free verification.

How it works

Know, don't guess.

Facebook maps personal connections, LinkedIn maps professional connections, we map short-term rental connections and transactions, including reviews and incidents.

SUPERHOG reveal insights on the individuals and properties involved in the short-term rental industry that can not be found anywhere else.

Using this intelligence, combined with predictive algorithms and preventative tools, we financially back ourselves so you have certainty.

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See what SUPERHOG can do for your business

We’ll help you increase customer net promoter score (NPS) and your margin at the same time.

Accelerate growth, increase bookings and power your business forward by using SUPERHOG's free ID verification and property certification tools.

And have you heard about our free £500 deposit?

Join the leading global verification platform

How it works